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Colon Cleansing for First Timers:
From 'Blah' to 'WOW' in 30 Days!

Say you eat healthily, get plenty of sleep, exercise and drink water like you’re supposed to.  Do you still …


·    wake up tired … wiped out before you start,

·    dread morning bouts in the bathroom,

·    struggle with heartburn or acid reflux,

·    live the constipation/diarrhea cycle,

·    drag through your day,

·    feel bloated and gassy after meals, or

·    look sallow with dark circles under your eyes ...


despite all your efforts to stay healthy?

If you go ask a doctor [no, I’m not one] about any of these symptoms, you’ll go through long cycles of tests, be diagnosed and they'll hand you a prescription ... for a symptom … not for the root cause.  What I'm sure is that the doctor will never tell you that the problem could be as simple as needing a good colon cleansing to remove all the build-up that just comes from living in the Year 2010!

Remember, this is the same doctor who thinks it's okay to go to the bathroom every few days, sit there straining for a pencil-thin bowel movement.  Or for hard, dark pebbles.  In our chronically constipated society, that may be considered 'normal' ... but it's not.  Nor is the constipation-laxative-diarrhea cycle that far too many people live with.  (Look at U.S. laxative sales:  $400 million a year! And the gastro-intestinal 'remedies market' was already at $2.6 billion in 2004.)  Yet it's so easy to turn around.

Natural Colon Cleansing

The best thing about natural colon cleansing is that it allows the body to correct – or at least improve – itself, even if you’ve let it go so long that you’re starting to think feeling lousy is normal.

Most of us are too busy living our multi-tasking, gotta-do-everything-today lives to notice the signals that our bodies are sending.  They're having trouble processing all the toxins and waste caused by today’s food.  Most everything is processed in one way or another, and loaded with visible or hidden sugars.  Fast food?  Forget it!  Full of heavy fats and chemicals.  Supermarket fruits and vegetables?  Grown with chemical fertilizers and waxed to keep ‘em pretty.  So-called ‘healthy’ chicken and fish?  Loaded with hormones, antibiotics and water-borne chemical nutrients.

Needed: Natural colon cleansing for first timersAnd this overload hits us two ways:  first, it accumulates in the colon so it's unable to do its job, and second, it throws the liver into a tailspin, reducing its filtering abilities more and more.  This becomes a vicious cycle ... where taking prescription medications can only make it worse.

What's the safest thing you can do before you subject yourself to invasive examinations and medications?  Do all your research on the different kinds of colon cleansing, pick the one that makes the most sense to you (I’ll tell you what worked for me), and watch your whole body sing as one organ after another goes back to doing what it’s supposed to do.

And even if your symptoms don’t feel that severe, do this anyway.  It’s probably been so long since you felt fantastic – and the downhill process so slow – that you haven’t even noticed how sluggish you feel.  Or maybe you chalk it up to aging.  Nonsense!

P.S.  I know your time is precious, so I won’t make this a 100-page website.  Just one that gives you the basics of what you really need to know.


#1 Surprise Side Benefit of Colon Cleansing/Detox?
(Your clean liver works better...)





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