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The 'Top Four' Best Colon Cleansing Products


The best colon cleansing products?  It's a question first-timers always want to know ... so they don't stumble through bad experiences to get to the good ones.

My personal selection of different colon cleansing products was made by good old-fashioned research and analysis, and not by some theoretical 'scientific point system.’  And no, I didn't go buy and try each one of them on myself.  (Oh, my poor, confused body!)  Instead, I:

  • read everything I could about their ingredients and what they should do,
  • examined everyone else's classifications for clues to problems,
  • took note of all of the pros and cons cited by users and natural medical practitioners, and
  • examined the seriousness of each product's website and literature.

Then I bought the highest contenders for various friends (and myself, of course) to try and report back on.  Based on that input, I made an informed decision on the top four I'd promote ... giving you as much information as possible so you could choose which you prefer.  Whatever YOUR first choice is, that's great.  They're all perfectly reputable. 

Ta-Rah! Introducing the Best Colon Cleansing Products

To help you make your selection, I've summarized all the critical details and notable differences between the top four products.  They each have their advantages ... and little disadvantages ... so it's pretty much a matter of personal preference.  I've also given you the link for my (and my friends') favorite, based on efficacy, ease of use and cost.

* Ultimate Colon Cleanse, by Organica Research: a 30-day cleansing program (60-90 days suggested, if you can) based on a fiber bulking agent, with 14 natural herbal ingredients, in powder form to be mixed in cold water or preferably juice in the morning. [Small shaker cup, if you havae one, makes mixing quick and easy.] Specially coated vegetarian anti-parasite herbal pills taken in a.m. and tasty caffeine-free herbal tea made from a teabag enjoyed before bed. All natural, all vegetarian, all made with non-GMO ingredients. Gluten free! Contains NO wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg, sugar, colorings or preservatives.  Three daily steps, not complicated, no need to change your daily eating routine. Comfortable stools. Fiber bulks up to loosen and remove deeply impacted toxic build-up, nighttime tea pushes build-up and dead parasites through colon and out your system each morning. Customer support hours: 1-303-565-4640 7 am-6 pm MT M-F. Costs $89.00 for one month ($66.50 per month for two months; $59.33 per month for three months), 3-5 business day delivery. Limited time offer: FREE 30-day supply of Ultimate Probiotics Formula ($24.95 value) for each month of product ordered. 30-day FREE trial (just cover $6.77 s&h, payment not processed until 30 days after ordering, never charged if product received back within 30 days, no scammy auto-ships). 60-day unconditional money back guarantee, for full refund. Very similar to Colonix, but at a better price when you factor in important probiotics. Major downside: tea contains senna which some people should be careful about using. For more information:  Ultimate Colon Cleanse.

* Colonix®, by DrNatura®: a 30-day cleansing program (ideally 90 days, if you can) based on a fiber bulking agent, plus over 14 herbs, in powder form to be mixed in cold water or juice in the morning. [Get yourself a small shaker cup.] Vegetarian anti-parasite herbal pills taken in a.m. and tasty tea prepared before bed. Easy to follow, timely morning stools. Fiber bulks up going through intestines and draws off mucoid plaque for expulsion. The company is 10+ years old, offers very knowledgeable and friendly daily customer service, 1-800-877-0414 8 am-10pm EST M-F, 9 am-6 pm EST S-S. Costs $88.00 for one month ($59.00 per month for three months), free shipping. Important Flora Protect Probiotic adds $28.00 for one month (40% off today, so adds $16.80 per month). Special on-site deals for separate Toxinout detox program.  60-day unconditional money back guarantee. Over 1 million kits sold, several doctor endorsements, extensive verified testimonials, very professional literature and website. Major downside: it's the most costly program; user must ensure sufficient water consumption to avoid constipation; tea contains senna which some people should be careful about using.

* OxyPowder®,
by Global Healing Center: a 7-day cleansing program of magnesium-based capsules that rely on the oxygen generated by the magnesium, the only program that does so. Oxygen 'melts away' the impacted fecal matter and mucoid plaque, and easily reaches all the nooks and crannies in your colon, apparently without affecting natural intestinal flora. For best results, they recommend a colon hydrotherapy session first to jumpstart the process, plus distilled or purified water, organic apple cider vinegar and organic foods for the seven days.  The company is 10 years old, offers 24/7/365 customer service at 1-800-476-0016. Costs $44.95 plus $2.99 U.S. shipping for one bottle, enough for 1-2 months, depending on your selected dosage. Long 90-day money back guarantee. Won 2007-2010 Better Business Bureau Award for Excellence. Capsules are Kosher and vegetarian. Major downside: more disruptive of normal eating habits than first two programs; Oxy-Powder® turns solids into liquid or gas, so it's normal that it causes watery and gaseous stools, plus temporary bloating.

* The Colon Cleansing Kit, by Blessed Herbs®: a very effective 9-day cleansing that recommends a clear-liquid fasting period for 5 days for best results (alternate options exist, 8-day or 30-day, with differing requirements and differing results). It consists of the combination of organic or wild herb-based Toxin Absorber powder and Digestive Stimulator vegi-capsules. Choice of ginger or peppermint flavor. The company is 23 years old, run by a renowned herbalist and offers 'cleansing consultant' help at 1-800-489-4372 8:30 am-6 pm EST M-F. Costs $89.50 for one 9-day colon cleansing cycle ($275.00 for The Internal Cleasing Kit 24-day program), plus shipping. 90-day guarantee, product cost only. A+ rating from BBB's Online Reliability Program.  Major downside: some users have a hard time with the liquid fast, plus having to take the Toxin Absorber mixed with water/juice five times a day. Also, Toxin Absorber contains the somewhat controversial bentonite in its formula.

* And here is a link if you prefer to ‘build’ your own kit by buying individual components: the "10-point alternative to enemas and laxatives"

Herbs: best colon cleansing products 


Other Products to Consider

PROBIOTICS:  Hey! Don’t forget the probiotics, those good, friendly bacteria that promote the body’s natural immunity, keep us healthy and help our digestion.  Real important during cleansing since we strip the lining off our intestines as we go, taking the friendly flora with it.  For more information, click here 

DETOX:  Since you're already making life easier on your liver with your colon cleansing, you might go the whole route and pull all the toxins out of your body while they're real accessible.  Add a full detoxifying program.  For more information, click here 


#1 Surprise Side Benefit of Colon Cleansing/Detox?
(Your clean liver works better...)





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