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  • Colon Cleansing for First Timers!
    Natural colon cleansing for first timers: every detail a first-time colon cleanser could need: reasons, benefits, methods, products, expectations, results, pros and cons.

  • Why Care if You Have a Clean Colon
    Health issues that are addressed by colon cleansing: why having a clean colon is so important to our well-being. In short, a healthy colon benefits every other system in your body!

  • Colon Cleansing Methods
    Major colon cleansing methods are defined: natural products, massages and hydrotherapy. Also links to more information on each option to help you decide what is best for you.

  • Best Colon Cleansing Products
    Best colon cleansing products : one woman's carefully researched assessment of major products, including all details, how to use, pros and cons, pricing.

  • What to Expect from a Colon Cleanse
    The whole colon cleansing experience, through one woman's eyes, but NO PHOTOS! Colon cleanse : just carefully written, fully detailed descriptions so there will be no surprises!

  • So What Is Mucoid Plaque ?
    Mucoid plaque , the first 'output' of colon cleansing , defined in detail: what it is, how it develops, what it means. And doctors don't know about it???

  • Are Parasites in Humans an Issue?
    As discussed on Oprah! Dr. Oz talks about parasites in humans, how we get them, dangers of parasitic infections . Also, how to get parasite-free during a natural colon cleansing procedure.

  • Why You Need Probiotics Supplements
    A good probiotic - valuable supplements to your colon cleansing . Probiotics are needed to replace the friendly flora that are removed along with mucoid plaque.

  • Toxins - Should You Detoxify the Body Too?
    Detoxify the body: take advantage of a colon cleansing to clean toxins out your whole body. Every organ will be thrilled that you did!

  • How Digestion Works: Follow the Twinkie
    As seen on Oprah! Dr. Oz in his books "You: the Owner's Manual" and "You On a Diet" describes exactly how digestion works to process food, so we described the journey of a Twinkie !

  • Why I Built This Site
    Colon cleansing, one way to take personal responsability for one's health. It's why I built this site on detailed colon cleansing. I hope it's useful to you too.

  • Colon Cleansing 101 Blog
    Random thoughts on colon cleansing - in a blog on Wordpress called Colon Cleansing 101


#1 Surprise Side Benefit of Colon Cleansing/Detox?
(Your clean liver works better...)





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