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What to Expect from a Colon Cleanse

I'll spare you the gruesome photos of what comes out of your body when you do an effective colon cleanse.  Lots of other sites are full of them.  But I can attest that they're for real; at least they were for me.  [And, yes, I did take pictures.]  I also confirmed this with several friends who followed me on my colon cleansing adventure.

[P-S-S-S-T!:  Most people say they don’t want to look at what's exiting their bodies, but once they do, believe me, it’s almost an obsession.  Mostly because you are so relieved to be getting that gunk out of you.  No way can you believe that stuff could be good for you!] 

What Happened First

For me, the first long rubbery string came out after a day or two.  Of course I needed to know what it actually was ("long rubbery string" wasn't good enough!), and discovered it's called “mucoid plaque.”

I researched it, even went back to old French books on "Intestinal Regeneration" ... those Europeans are light-years ahead of us on this 'alternative' stuff.  Turns out that the production of mucus, a normal body secretion, goes into overdrive when the body's mucous membranes react to toxicity.  It's a normal self-defense measure – natural protection against unnatural toxins.  Healthy mucus is clear and slippery.  But unhealthy mucus is cloudy, thick and sticky, and this is the type that's produced by mucus-forming foods, as well as drugs (whether prescription, over-the-counter or street types), heavy metals, toxic chemicals, parasites, etc.  Once this mucous becomes dry and compacted, it becomes mucoid plaque.  [Here’s an interesting article, if you want to read more.]

So what are these mucus-forming foods?  They’re also called acid-forming (versus alkaline-forming) foods:  alcohol, all processed foods, wheat or ‘white’ flour, coffee, all dairy, most fats, meats and sugars.  In fact, most everything that makes up ‘The American Diet.’

How Did I Feel during the Colon Cleansing ?

Once the body starts to detoxify itself, in my case using natural products, the mucus on the bowel wall starts softening and getting moved out of the body.  As this happens, it seems that some toxins are released into the body – for the liver to cleanse – and this can cause some short-term tiredness and even slight headaches.  I had a dull headache for the first day or two, not devastating, just unusual since I never get them.  But then they stopped.

In fact, you might want to start drinking a simple morning tonic on an empty stomach a few days before you start your cleanse to give your liver an extra break:  Squeeze the juice of one-half lemon (preferably organic) into a cup and add about 2-3 ounces of hot water (about the temperature you'd use to make tea).  Let it cool just enough to be drinkable.  Drink it down.  This will start cleansing your liver so it's ready to receive the toxins you'll dislodge during your colon cleanse.

For the rest of the three months I stayed on the colon cleanse, mucoid plaque came out almost every day, in different quantities.  (I upped the normal dosage of fiber in the third month to be sure nothing got overlooked: the instructions said I could and I saw I had plenty of extra powder.)  Periodically, from the beginning, I’d feel a little cramp sometime during the day or night, and the next day I’d find some very hard, obviously very old matter, like a black necklace with black garbanzo beans attached.  Don’t ask me where that came from.  But I could only guess that things were being released that were caught in the natural pockets and crevices of my colon, initially from the large intestine and later from the small one as well.  And, who knows, maybe at my age I have some of the famous diverticula, or little pouches that form in the intestine and accumulate matter, like half the population does.

One thing I noticed was that, once my colon cleanse was underway, I hardly needed any toilet paper.  Hmmm.

And what did my friends experience?  Everything that I did, plus the fact that one passed some large stones and two others thought they passed parasites.

Talk About Grateful Friends!

Friend grateful for colon cleansing - colon cleanseWhat I do know is that throughout the whole process I’d get phone calls from these friends, thanking me again and again for getting them started on their colon cleansing.  They became regular, felt less bloated, totally gas-free, and could drink wine with no lousy feeling the next morning (gee, with a clean liver, guess it can detoxify what you eat and drink much easier, including a few glasses of wine).  Foods that used to bother them no longer did.  They woke up full of energy, and the energy lasted all day.  Their skin looked better, and any dark circles under the eyes were gone.  Their jeans fit better … but, no, they didn’t lose more than a few pounds, just what resulted from expelling accumulated waste retained in the intestinal tract and not due to loss of fatty or muscle tissue.  But then, no one was more than 10-15 pounds overweight anyway.

I hope your colon cleanse goes as smoothly for you, regardless of which product or method you pick.  I know it has been a life-changing experience for all of us!


#1 Surprise Side Benefit of Colon Cleansing/Detox?
(Your clean liver works better...)





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